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Author, Journalist, Translator, Professor

English Professor at Elisava University, in Barcelona.

Featured speaker at QLit:festival de literatura queer (“Joves i sexualitats: en parlem? Amb Lena Crespi, Shaina Machlus, Bel Olid i Marta Roqueta”)Kosmopolis (“The Feminist Revolution: New Misogyny with Laura Bates and Shaina Machlus”), Literal (“La paraula més sexi és sí”), and GRAF (“Consentimiento sexual”).

Featured in Cosmopolitan España, La Vanguardia, El Mundo, Smoda, Público, El Diario, ARA, rtve, and beteve.

Lecturship on “Feminism and Design” at Elisava University.

Author of La Palabra Más Sexy es Sí (Vergara / Penguin Random House, 2019) and La Paraula Més Sexi És Sí (L’Altra Editorial, 2019), a 185 page guide to sexual consent for people aged 12 and up.

Founder of Ricarda Editorial, a humble and heartfelt new project that seeks to do small publishings of trans and cis women and nonbinary artists in an effort to amplify voices and topics that are too often ignored.

Creator and host of Somos Venus, a powerful lil’ Spanish podcast about intersectional feminism and other things that terrify rich, old, straight, white men.

Writer and creator of “La Palabra Más Sexy es… Sí!”, a Spanish-language guide to consent. (zine)

English, Spanish, and Catalan speaker.

Collaborations Inlcude

Tom Tom Magazine
Broadly -VICE-
El Diario
La Directa
Got a Girl Crush
Isabel Coixet
Walk With Me Maps
Shookdown Underzine
TIU (This is Underground)
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